Grass fed - Slow finished - Native heritage breeds - Sustainable packaging

We are proud to sell our beef and hogget direct from the farm.

Order via our contact us page or call us on 01326 291190 for free delivery**

Build your customised meat box from the list below...


(Updated 17th October 2020)



Sirloin (~8oz)- £6 SOLD OUT

Ribeye (~8oz)- £8  SOLD OUT

Rump (~10oz)- £7  SOLD OUT

Fillet (~8oz)- £10 SOLD OUT



Silverside or Topside: £12 per kg (1.5kg and 2kg joints available)

 Rolled Rib (~1.6kg)- £35 SOLD OUT


Stewing meat:

Braising steak (~500g)- £5 OR Shin (~500g)- £4

Brisket (~1.7kg)- £17

Boxeater (1.8kg)- £15

Beef mince (500g)- £3.50


Skirt (~500g)- £5 SOLD OUT

Chuck (~500g) - £4



Beef burgers (4 x 1/4lb)- £4


Fillet of beef (1kg)- £45 PREORDERED (x2)

Oxtail (1.1kg)- £6 PREORDERED

Offal (1kg packs)- good for dog food- £5

Kidney- £2

Something missing from our list? We are happy to take pre-orders for special cuts from our next batch of beef. Past orders have included Forerib of beef, Flat ribs (short ribs), and 4kg roasting joints

Although we have temporary sold out of some cuts, you are welcome to pre-order them to be delivered when our next stock arrives. Note we have limited freezer space for stock, so we can only get in new  supplies when we've sold enough of the last batch- we sell out of steaks and skirt very quickly, but why not try some of our other cuts?  


We have now sold out of hogget, but we will have more in stock in May 2021. Pre-orders will be taken soon


The perfect gift for the beef lover in your life (and great for Christmas!). We offer vouchers to the value of your choice. Contact us to order one and we will send it to you in the post or deliver it to your door. Gift wrapping and sending direct to the recipient can also be arranged. 

A guide to our beef cuts

Sirloin steak

This well known steak is tender and well marbled, with a beefier flavour and meatier texture than ribeyes or fillet.

Ribeye steak

Tender steaks cut from the fore rib.

Rump steak

Deep flavoured and beautifully marbled, this thick steak is great for a good old fashioned steak and chips

Fillet steak

Lean and tender, this is one of the most prized cuts of beef available. This cut comes from an area of the sirloin and tastes great with pastry in a beef wellington (you can make mini-wellingtons with the steaks).

Topside frying steak

Lean meat, which will cook quickly but maintain its flavour. Great for low-cost stir-fries, salads and steak sandwiches.

Braising steak

Also known as thick flank, this is more tender than chuck or shin and is therefore good for pies and faster cooking stews

Silverside or Topside

Sourced from the rear of the animal, these areas produce the lean meat which is perfect for roasting. Silverside may require slightly longer cooking times.

Rolled Rib

Cut from the fore rib, this premium roasting joint is exceptionally tender. With its excellent marbling and fat coverage, it is perfect for a special family roast.


Flavoursome meat, for a delicious beef stew or a ‘proper’ chilli. Shin muscle is relatively lean, but has thick connective tissue running through it, which melts during cooking and provides extra flavour.


Full flavoured joint ideal for moist, slow cooking.


A traditional Cornish cut: boned and rolled short rib. Requires slow cooking in moist conditions. Similar to brisket and can be cooked in the same way.


Delicious, beefy mince, great for cottage pie and a million other dishes.


Separated into individual vertebra, cooking long and slow will release some extremely deep flavours.


The quintessential Cornish cut used in pasties for centuries. Comes from the diaphragm area, and so it is relatively flat and quick to prepare.


Very similar to skirt and tastes just as good in a pasty. Cut from the shoulder area.

Beef burgers

Well-seasoned and made from our flavoursome mince

Reared with care

Our Ruby Red Devon cows and Shropshire sheep are born and raised at Tregaminion and our sister farm Bruggan. The calves are kept with their mothers for 8 months, only being separated when they are ready to 'fly the nest'. As they grow, the cows are fed a grass-based diet of fresh grazing in the summer and silage and hay in the winter. All our beef is therefore 'grass fed'. 

Our sheep are also mostly grass-fed (we feed them handfuls of ewe nuts and grain as a daily treat- they can't get enough of them!). We allow our lambs to mature slowly and naturally, which takes over a year. At this point they become known as hoggets. You can find out more about the delicious, deep flavours, lean quality and health benefits of hogget meat here...

Ethically packaged

Our meat boxes are made from recycled brown paper, cardboard and raffia, and our insulation is made of 100% natural, sustainably sourced wool. The wool is biodegradable and compostable, but for more ideas on how to reuse your woolly insulation (including lining hanging baskets), take a look at the Woolcool website...

Although we would love to deliver your meat to you plastic free, health and safety dictates that the individual cuts must be packaged in a plastic vacuum pack. Vacuum packing ensures ultimate freshness and the amount of plastic we use is kept to a minimum. 

Locally Butchered 

We do not put our Devon cows through a market but instead minimise stress by delivering them directly to the abattoir on the day they are booked in. 

The beef is hung for 21 days to develop the flavour, and then butchered by our local butchers, Trevarthens. 


The meat is frozen immediately after butchery to ensure complete freshness is maintained.

**Delivered to your Doorstep

Getting your hands on a meat box is easy. You have 2 options: 


Personally collect your meatbox from our sister farm, Bruggan (contact us to arrange a pick up time once you have placed your order). 



Local delivery is free. We will also deliver within 15 miles for a £5 delivery charge (free for orders over £100)


We are currently looking into the costs for sending frozen meat via courier. Please contact us if you wish to organise a delivery. 

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