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Grass fed - Slow finished - Native heritage breed - Sustainable packaging


We are proud to sell our ruby red beef and shropshire hogget direct from the farm.


Beef (limited) and hogget available
NEXT DELIVERY DATE: Wednesday 15th May


1. Visit our online shop to order your customised meat box

2. Expect your delivery. We provide local delivery across the Lizard Peninsula (including Helston) with a charge of £2 per delivery, or free if over £50. You can choose your delivery date at the checkout. 


If you live outside the Lizard, we may still be able to deliver to you. Please phone us on 07739 166414 if you are not sure if you are within our range. 

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Reared with care

Our Ruby Red Devon cows and Shropshire sheep are born and raised at Tregaminion and our sister farm Bruggan. The calves are kept with their mothers for 8 months, only being separated when they are ready to 'fly the nest'. As they grow, the cows are fed a grass-based diet of fresh grazing in the summer and silage and hay in the winter. All our beef is therefore 'grass fed'. 

Our sheep are also mostly grass-fed (we feed them handfuls of ewe nuts and grain as treats- they can't get enough of them!). We allow our lambs to mature slowly and naturally, which takes over a year. At this point they become known as hoggets. You can find out more about the delicious, deep flavours, lean quality and health benefits of hogget meat here...

Ethically packaged

Our meat boxes are made from recycled brown paper, cardboard and raffia, and our insulation is made of 100% natural, sustainably sourced wool. The wool is biodegradable and compostable, but for more ideas on how to reuse your woolly insulation (including lining hanging baskets), take a look at the Woolcool website...

Although we would love to deliver your meat to you plastic free, health and safety dictates that the individual cuts must be packaged in a plastic vacuum pack. Vacuum packing ensures ultimate freshness and the amount of plastic we use is kept to a minimum. 

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Locally Butchered 

Our aim is to minimise stress by personally delivering our cows directly to the abattoir on the day they are booked in. 

The beef is hung for 21 days to develop the flavour, and then beautifully butchered by our friends at L George butchers and farm shop. The hogget is not hung for more than 3 days as it does not require hanging in the same way as beef does. 

The meat is frozen immediately after butchery to ensure complete freshness is maintained.

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