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Walk through our Christmas tree forest, filled with decorations and festive joy, and pick out your perfect tree*. Once you've chosen your tree, we'll wrap it in our plant-based, compostable netting ready for you to take home.

TREE RESERVATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. But we will still have plenty of stock with sizes ranging from 4-7'. Customers who have reserved their tree will be guaranteed one in the size they reserved, but will have a choice of  range of shapes.

*Please note that all our Nordmann Firs will be pre-cut this year. If you would like to pick a tree to be cut down on the day of your visit, we have plenty of Norway Spruces available from our selling field. 


10am-4pm, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from Friday 26th November.

We will also be open on Thursday 23rd November for collection of reserved trees.  



Prices may vary depending on the quality and shape of each tree, but as a general guide: ​


Below 5.5' £25

5.5'-6.5' £30

6.5-7.5' £40

7.5-8.5' £50

8.5-9.5' £65 

We have limited numbers of home-grown larger trees, but are able to source others from our trusted friends at the Cadeby Tree trust. These are pre-order only (orders must be in by 10th November). Contact us for prices and availability


We are sad to announce that we are running very low on village-sized trees. We will continue to provide trees for our local villages, but are unable to sell any further afield, We will be back in 2025!! 


Our selling field entrance is opposite Fat Apples Cafe.  Search 'tregaminion farm Christmas trees' on google maps.