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In Autumn 2018 we made a decision... we want our beef to be ethically raised to the highest possible quality. Making huge changes to a commercial herd takes time, but by Autumn 2023 we want to have achieved the following:

  • Devons all the way! Ruby Red Devons are perfectly suited to the Cornish landscape. Their ability to thrive on more natural grazing land will help us better develop our farm ecosystem.  

  • Become 'Pasture for Life' certified.  We wholeheartedly agree with the Pasture for Life ethos that grass-fed meat is tastier, better for your health, leads to a higher quality of life for the animals, and supports a natural environment. 

  • Become supporters of the UK slow food movement. The slow meat campaign says: "eat less and better meat, pay a fair price and always consider the origin, supporting small-scale producers"... we want our farm to produce high quality meat the 'slow' way. We recognise the detrimental effects of meat production driven by 'speed and quantity', and we want our animals will be allowed to grow at a natural rate in an ethical system. 

  • All our meat will be sold direct from our farm, ensuring every cut you buy has a short and fully traceable journey from field to fork

  • Our ways of farming (including our meat box packaging) will be as eco-friendly as possible.


We can't reach these goals without you. Supporting us is easy: buy our beef and lamb and spread the word!  

We will be writing annual progress reports on our blog. 

We're excited to have been featured in Wild Lizard magazine, Spring 2018

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