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Autumn Update

We've had a busy summer here on Tregaminion farm, and sister farm Bruggan. And its been an exciting one too, so we thought we'd update you with some summer stats and news from the farm...


The 'Tregaminion flock' went from 0-10 this summer, when we traveled to the beautiful Hayne Oak Farm to buy our first flock of Shropshire sheep. 2 months later and we still have 10 sheep (#winningatsheepfarming), with Mr 11 on his way next weekend. That's right! Our lucky ewe lambs will be meeting their beau, the handsome Travis from the Alderton Farm flock. We're pretty sure he'll be up to the job (see facebook post below), and all being well, we will be posting lots of pictures of cute lambs at the end of March 2018.

The Shropshire breed are known for their ability to eat around trees without damaging them. Our flock have been living outside the house while they settle in, but soon after they are in lamb we will be introducing them to their new home amongst the Christmas trees. In the meantime, we've been on a steep learning curve, gaining more sheep handling skills every day.


85 perfect little calves were born on the farm this summer. They are now happily running about the fields with their mothers, and growing fast.

We were proud to receive the top price for our cows at Truro livestock market last April and have spent the last few months watching the rest of the herd enjoying the summer pasture which gives their meat such a deep flavour. We are hoping to gain Westcountry PGI and Red tractor farm assurance status next year and are looking into selling our beef directly from the farm. Watch this space!

Christmas Trees

This year is the last year we'll be able to say "We might not have enough"... James planted another 500 trees this summer, bringing the total number up to over 1500. In the last few months, many of the trees have been sheared and their leaders controlled to ensure they are perfectly shaped and wonderfully bushy. We are looking forward to going all out on sales in 2018... selling to local (and Bristol) homes, pubs and villages.

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