We would like to help our local community through times of self isolation and food shortages in the months ahead  

Until further notice, we are offering residents in our local area (St. Keverne, Ruan Minor, Coverack, Mullion, Lizard, Helston, Mawgan and everyone in between) FREE delivery on beef boxes and a special price list (shown here). 

If you would like to make an order, contact us via this website or call Sarah on 07739166414. 

With all best wishes for the months ahead,

James, Sarah, Roger and Karen. xx

We are proud of the quality, taste and high welfare standards of the beef and lamb we produce here at Tregaminion.

By buying direct from our farm, you are ensuring your meat is fully traceable and of the highest standard. You are helping our small family business realise our big dream of selling our own meat direct from the farm- thank you! 

Visit our online shop now, or continue reading below for more information on how our animals are reared, our ethical packaging and delivery options. 

Thank you  for supporting our

Cornish Family Farm

We have plenty of beef available, and will have more hogget for sale at the end of April! 

Reared with care

Our Ruby Red Devon cows and Shropshire sheep are born and raised at Tregaminion and our sister farm Bruggan. The calves are kept with their mothers for 8 months, only being separated when they are ready to 'fly the nest'. As they grow, the cows are fed a predominantly grass-based diet of fresh grazing in the summer and silage and hay in the winter. This is supplemented by barley grain, grown on the farm (the rest of the plant is baled as straw for winter bedding). 

Our sheep are also mostly grass-fed (we feed them ewe nuts and grain as a daily treat- they can't get enough of them!). We allow our lambs to mature slowly and naturally, which takes over a year. At this point they become known as hoggets. You can find out more about the delicious, deep flavours, lean quality and health benefits of hogget meat here...

Ethically packaged

Our meat boxes are made from recycled cardboard and our insulated pouches are made of 100% natural, sustainably sourced wool. The wool is fully biodegradable and compostable, but for more ideas on how to reuse your woolly insulation (including lining hanging baskets), take a look at the Woolcool website...

Although we would love to deliver your meat to you plastic free, health and safety dictates that the individual cuts must be packaged in a plastic vacuum pack. Vacuum packing ensures ultimate freshness and the amount of plastic we use is kept to a minimum. 

Delivered to your Doorstep

Getting your hands on a meat box is easy. You have 2 options: 


Personally collect your meatbox from our sister farm, Bruggan (contact us to arrange a pick up time once you have placed your order). 



If you are located within 15 miles of Tregaminion Farm, we are happy to deliver your meat box to your door for a price of £5 per delivery.

Select your option when you check out in our online shop




If you are located further afield, we can send your box via 24 hour courier, though we would ask you to pay the cost of delivery. Sending meat via a courier can be expensive (from £18 for a 2kg meat box), so you may wish to team up with friends and buy in bulk. Contact us direct with your order and we'll do our best to keep delivery costs to a minimum. 

Locally Butchered 

Your meat is prepared by our village butchers, Vincent. Our Ruby Red Devon beef is hung for 28 days to develop the flavour.

If you preorder your meat box before our selling dates, you will receive the meat fresh and unfrozen. If we have any meat left over, we freeze it at the butchers on the day it is ready, ensuring complete freshness is maintained.

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