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2 cutlets (also known as chops) Pair with fresh herbs and garlic for a delicious summer dinner. Note: We recommend a serving size of 2 cutlets per person. ~300-400g per pack 


We leave all the fat on so you can enjoy lots of flavour, but it is very easy to cut most of it off before you start cooking if you'd prefer something a little leaner. 


Our sheep are also mostly grass-fed (we feed them handfuls of ewe nuts and grain as a daily treat- they can't get enough of them!). We allow our lambs to mature slowly and naturally, which takes over a year. At this point they become known as hoggets.

Lamb (hogget cutlets) (pack of 2)

  • This is an add-on item. Add it to your order to include it in any of our beef or lamb boxes. 

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